Mental Health, Mental Illness, on Block Island

bringing services and support for those who are ill and education for mental health to all on Block Island

Welcome to NAMI Block Island – What we do

EMERGENCY: Call 911.
Give as much information as possible so that responders are prepared for a mental health issue. Detail e.g. no firearms visible, noise nuisance, damage to property, safety of ill person self or other… because…

NAMI Block Island is the new name for the Mental Health Task Force.

Current News: we hear about “an opioid epidemic”.
What does BI think, feel, know?

We organized an Opioid Conference, click here for details.

and here for REVIEW

The Ross Campbell Memorial Award was presented at 4pm on Saturday May 13, at the Island Free Library to Steve Hollaway. Click here for details.

If you have the time (45 minutes) watch this video: Addiction is …

Others Recent Events Report: Brought by NAMI RI, in February, two programs took place in BI school: “Inside Mental Illness” for High School Students and “Parents and Teachers as Allies” to which all in the community were invited. Click here to access the slides that accompanied these interactive events.

Some background to NAMI BI: The Mental Health Task Force began some years ago in the wake of the tragic death of a resident with mental illness who could not receive services on island.

Now  NAMI Block Island, affiliated with national [NAMI RI] and state organizations [NAMI], our purposes are the same, simple and threefold:

to work to bring mental health services to the island

to educate the community and reduce stigma [example, What is “depression”?]

to provide support for families of persons with mental illness

There are several ways in which the community can be involved. Look at “Can You Help“. Join in the Community Conversations. Come to the BI NAMI events that are advertised in The Block Island Times and on the Block Island Bulletin Board. Make contact or comment in the community posts. You might like to write a post – please ask. You might have found an article of interest – please send.

See how we have succeeded so far, here.

Or, learn how you can help us succeed even more.

Or, find help for yourself or a family member or friend.


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