Mental Health, Mental Illness, on Block Island

advocating for services and support for those who are ill and education for mental health to all on Block Island

What we do

The Wellness Coalition is established to provide the Block Island Community with programming, intervention and support for drug and alcohol addiction.

Contact Jill Seppa for general inquiries: click here.

Some activities can be pre-planned, but many are responsive to local availability, and in the winter, the weather, and the “boat” affects planning. Events are advertised on the Block Island Bulletin Board, the BI Times, and the Wellness Coalition Facebook Page. Check them out: What is happening this week? Events in the Summer Program may be set up at short notice. Call 401 477 9254 to ask for updates.

Our activity can be broadly divided into four areas:

  • needs of immediate upcoming activity with young people, school, etc.
  • yearly programs for young people, review and forward planning of details
  • current policy planning to enhance impact and understanding in our community, and national events attended by Board members or volunteers for information, training and general development. This is the job of the Coalition Board, associates and liaison members. New members are very welcome. Contact the coordinator or any board member for information about meetings, all in the community are welcome to attend.

The way Wellness sees “prevention” is positive. If there are many ways in which people can enjoy life, learn skills, develop interests, the “highs” are there. How to feel well is part of a balanced life.

Another way of saying this is that there is a lot of great know-how and information now available, so this positive approach is followed not just because it appeals to us, but because it results from research and attention to known Risk and Protective Factors*. Important local factors are identified by a Needs Assessment Report. This document, compiled from interviews and surveys in all ages and cross-sections of the Block Island community, is a public document registered and available at the Town Hal

*Risk factors are those factors that exist within a community that increase the possibility of drug or alcohol abuse in an environment. Protective Factors are those factors that exist within a community that increase the resistance to drug and alcohol use in an environment. Local factors are identified every 3/4 years through consultancy and community needs assessment.



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