Mental Health, Mental Illness, on Block Island

advocating for services and support for those who are ill and education for mental health to all on Block Island

Volunteers, Directors, Associates, Liaisons

We recently obtained a Rhode Island Partnership for Success grant so this is an exciting time for the coalition as we move forward with the creation of new programs for our students and our community.

Anyone in the Block Island Community can be a coalition member at a level of commitment that suits them, as director, associate or liaison member.

Directors are committed to meet each month (except July and August) to decide policy and plans as well as take part in activities.

Associates need only commit at levels that suit, when they are able, and when agenda or activities are those of interest to them.

Liaison members represent some specific sector in the community [such as the Town or the School or any other] and may choose to be either Director or Associate.

There are two part-time employees in the Wellness Coalition, and everyone else involved is a volunteer.

The coalition wants to spark interest within our community for new members.

This is not membership of a ‘club’. A member is someone from Block Island who supports our aim to educate substance abuse awareness in the Block Island Community and promote wellness, and is also willing to be on our roster of those who will help with our activities. There is no fee, and no financial gain. Each member can decide their own level of involvement.


All on Block Island are welcome to attend coalition meetings and contribute in whatever way they can.

Make contact, discuss how you would like to be involved.



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