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Recovery – hope

Messages of hope

In Block Island Wellness, we work to prevent substance and alcohol abuse, to educate concerning community health and we promote activities that create well-being. However, prevention does not always succeed, has not always happened. The dangers of alcohol and drug abuse are real, as you can find on “What drugs and alcohol do“.

This is a page about “getting better”, with links to personal stories, even poems, that are about recovery. We hope that knowing about the destructive effects of alcohol and drugs abuse, makes for a good life, but if you or someone you know is already suffering, you should also know that recovery to a well life can happen. These links are not to researched information, each person has their own journey. They are stories to bring hope.

The road to recovery starts with knowing you need help and can be helped, go seek it. Here is some hope to help you.

In the business of staying sober Ruth Maboney’s personal journey. She explains, “Although I have achieved much creatively in business and other endeavors, I have discovered that my primary business is staying sober.” [published in The Block Island Times, who offer great support to the Wellness Coalition.]

A series from Joel Taylor The Tide that’s Always Coming In, Coming About, Perception, also published in the Block Island Times. Joel says “Understanding and compassion are addiction’s greatest enemies. Judgment and apathy are its greatest friends.”

A Hero to Someone A poem of celebration, many people find writing, poetry, making music or sharing stories or blogging, a way forward, whether or not they have suffered from addiction.

Do you have a message of hope, for yourself or someone else who is recovering? Send it in.