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advocating for services and support for those who are ill and education for mental health to all on Block Island

Regular Yearly Program

This page shows the approximate timings throughout the year of the activities with young people that repeat regularly. The school year from September to June is used for this Annual Planning as young people reach the grade for that activity in school. On this page, activity is first described by grade, so that you can see what happens for particular age groups. Group meetings/reviews have appropriate facilitation so that students are enabled to speak with confidence and in safety about their experience.

Below this list, there is a chronological monthly list, including the timing of necessary planning and preparation by the Coalition members. Help with this is always welcome, even something small such as willingness to give an hour or two – see the different ways in which anyone can be involved at different kinds of levels of commitment.

By Grade

5th – in May each year, Introduction to the Wellness Coalition and initial preparation for their 6th grade Roots Activity in the following October.

6th – in October, Roots: The students have an overnight stay in a ‘secret’ island location, chosen for its access to interesting outdoor activities and suitable for indoor learning of housekeeping/catering/chaperoned sleeping space. They leave school on one morning and return the following afternoon. “Roots” is named for one important activity, for which students pre-prepare, the telling to others of one of their own family stories, a history of a grandparent or other ancestor.

in February, Roots Vision Boards – review by and for the students

6th, 7th – in May Roots Follow-up Picnic as well as a fun afternoon out, the group from the previous year and the current year review their experience and learning from the Roots activities.

8th – at the end of March, Wings: a 3 day trip to New York. Students have previously been introduced to NY penpals. Among other things, the students visit the 52nd Street Project, the UN building and meet their pen-pals. They live with host families for their stay and chaperones are needed for travel and NY tourist visiting.

6th – 9th – in November a Teen Dance – no description necessary, but lots of pre-planning of music, invitations for visiting middle-schoolers, decorations etc. Lots of help needed.

9th, 10th – every other year in April – Project Adventure

All grades – in October – Haunted House – Hallowe-en activities.

for Parents – in March – a series of small group meetings led by Sue Littlefield to enable awareness of the patterns parents desire to change.

Chronological Planning

September – this is a month in which lots of Roots planning gets done. Finalization of venue, requests to local experts for offers of guided activities (bird banding, yoga, nature walks, geology exploration, varies from year to year) Permission slip to parents, packing check lists, transport arrangements etc.

October – Roots (6th grade) and Haunted House (all grades)

November – Teen Dance (6th-9th), beginning of New York Trip Planning (8th grade)

December – Parenting Meetings Planning, New York Trip Planning (8th grade)

January – New York Trip planning (8th grade), planning and advertising Parenting, Project Adventure planning (every other year 9th & 10th grade)

February – Roots-Vision Boards (6th grade), New York Trip Planning, Parenting

March – New York Trip (8th grade)

April – Project Adventure (every other year, grades 9 & 10)

May – 5th grade introduction to the Wellness Coalition, Project Reach Exchange (8th grade)

June – Roots follow up picnic (6th & 7th grade)


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