Mental Health, Mental Illness, on Block Island

advocating for services and support for those who are ill and education for mental health to all on Block Island

Other Links

Links to places, both on and off island, where an individual may find help are under “if you need help“. This is also where group meetings for substance abuse and recovery and counseling services are listed.

Links to organizations on Block Island, who help and support the aims and activities of the Wellness Coalition, are in the sidebar, “Block Island Community”. Block Island has a great many organizations that are a part of its community. As well as the municipal departments and services, there are about 30 registered non-profit organizations and others who also contribute to community wellbeing, via interest and activity. Those who have worked with us are listed, if we have left you out, let us know. And if you want to be involved, and listed, let us know.

For a list of Wellness Coalitions in Rhode Island click here.

Links that have information or research relevant to the work of the Coalition, for example to national organizations or other wellness coalitions, are on the sidebar under  “Other Information”.