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Help in Emergency

Emergency as a consequence of drug or alcohol applies as it would for any problem: Call 911 or seek medical help for unconsciouness, irregular breathing, skin color, vomiting, incoherence, seizure, delirium, hallucination, overheating, dehydration, threat of suicide or harm.

Do not be afraid even if there are legal implications for the person or other people concerned. Be aware that EMTs, paramedics and medical staff are there to help the person, not to enforce law.

CALL 911

Follow the operator’s instructions

When asked, describe the young person’s symptoms and explain that the person has been using alcohol or drugs. Try to get detailed information about what substances the person has taken by either asking the person and their friends and/or looking around the place they are in for clues.

Let the operator know if the environment is safe or if there is an element of danger, firearms or other threat present.

Give the address of where you are to the 911 operator and stay with the person until the ambulance arrives

It helps if you or a family member or friend can go with the person to the medical center as you may be able to provide relevant information.

While waiting for EMTs or ambulance, ensure:

The person is not left alone

"Recovery position" by Rama. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 fr via Commons -

“Recovery position” by Rama. All forms of the recovery position share basic principles. The mouth is downward so that fluid can drain from the patient’s airway; the chin is well up to keep the epiglottis opened. Arms and legs are locked to stabilize the position of the patient

No food is given – choking /vomiting hazard especially if the person is not fully conscious

That breathing and circulation are monitored

That if the person is hard to wake they are put in the recovery position

First aid for overheating or dehydration is given [rest in a place quiet and cool, sip water or non-alcoholic fluid, do not drink too much water and do not take any alcohol.]