Mental Health, Mental Illness, on Block Island

advocating for services and support for those who are ill and education for mental health to all on Block Island

Coalition Directors and Employees

Directors of the Wellness Coalition make commitment to attend Coalition meetings to contribute to policy and assist the coordinator and others employed with the planning of activities as well as taking part in them. Directors may represent a sector of the community (such as the school, the recreation department etc.) or may join the coalition as individuals resident in Block Island.

Coalition Meetings are usually held on the second Thursday each month (except July and August), 4:00 – 5:30 pm at the Old Harbor Meadows Community Center. Please make contact if you are interested in joining as a Director. Criteria are that you should be part of the Block Island Community for most of the year, are willing to come to these Director meetings, to bring your talent and knowledge to them. You should also at other times engage as far as you are able with the Wellness Program arranged by the Coordinator. Previous knowledge about “Wellness” or “Prevention” is not required, as information is available and at various times training (with expenses) can be offered for assisting the Coordinator with aspects of the Programs.

More official details about directorship, accountability etc. are in the Coalition Bylaws. Formal policy there is that full directors are removed from the coalition after 3 consecutive missed meetings. In practice directors may change their status to ‘associate‘ if that better suits their current life. Similarly, associates can offer to become Directors as their interest in the program develops.

As the Coalition is now in a position to expand programs, we hope that more people will come forward as Directors, get a picture of all that the Coalition does, and take part in the future development.

The Wellness Coalition Directors and Employees are:
(updated April 12, 2017)


Coordinator – Jill Seppa

Assistant Coordinator – Kathy Mulshine

three part-time posts are currently advertised


Chairperson – Shannon Morgan

Vice Chairperson – vacant

Treasurer – vacant

Secretary – Kathy Mulshine

Director – Eileen Miller

Director – Mimi Levielle

Director – Meg Vitacco

School Liaison – Kristine Monje

Island Youth – vacant

Town Government – vacant


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