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Roots 2015

Another successful Roots behind us with a happy engaged class.

BI school 6th Grade 2015 – what a great group you are!
Thank you to everyone for helping keep this program going.

For those of you that weren’t there, some highlights: through journalist and closing circle we were able to weave in the “find your natural highs” theme, the kids were extremely engaged and asked for more and more yoga. Mr. Layden the 6th grade teacher wrote a song with the class about reading during their retreat that they are going to perform to their first grade friends today in class.

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The first ever Summer Series


IMG_6698The first ever summer series is over.

As this is the first time that Wellness has engaged with a summer program, we would love feedback, suggestions and comments – scroll down or use contact. Also if you have photos, send them in.

Tyler Ferdinand was hired to assist the Wellness coordinator Jill Seppa with the goal of providing inspiring activities when parents are busiest and tourists are at a height. The series was open to all school age young people here, both island residents and visitors. It was hoped that interaction between Island and mainland kids would increase.

There were 7 events:

HeartSpace Driftwood Art Project at capacity, 22 kids varying in age from 8 to 16, 3 chaperones, about 50% Island kids and 50% Visiting Children. The Wellness Coalition provided snacks. Paige and Felicia were a pleasure to work with and created a nice environment for the kids to express themselves creatively.

Teen Dance at Town Beach Pavilion 75 children, ages of 12-17, 8 chaperones and DJ. Kids signed in with a parent contact info upon entering and dance rules were posted.Very successful, though few island kids attended.

Transition to College Program featuring Dean of Academic Excellence, Laurie Hazard 10 parents attended the adult event, 3 kids attended the kids event. The quality of the program was informative, helpful and clear.

Dinner & Games at BIMI  28 children attended, 5 chaperones, a healthy dinner catered by Los Gataitos plus games such as volleyball tournament, twister, jenga, face painting, bean bag toss, music and the Block Island Drummers.

Day on the Water with Matt Bellace 22 kids attended the kayaking and paddleboarding and dinner. Jill cooked a healthy dinner of grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, garlic bread, spaghetti and meatballs,salad, pasta and watermelon. The meal was completely finished. The kids who were there really interacted with Matt Bellace who got in depth during dinner about addiction, the underlying causes and symptoms and finding your natural highs.

Summer Homework Help Sessions

Community Bon Fire; 55 attendees mixed between kids, teens and families.

BIWC worked in collaboration with the following groups and businesses and thanks them for their support.

Block Island Maritime institute, Ocean Adventures, Pond & Beyond, Los Gataitos, Harbor Church, Heartspace

O’Toole & Parr [hired to create advertisements for the events].

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5th Grade Pizza Party

On Friday, June 12th, Jill coordinated with the school to give the Fifth Grade students a Pizza Party. As well as having fun they showed her the posters they had made of their “Natural Highs“. And of course were further introduced to the Wellness Coalition, as when they are in 6th Grade they will take part in the “Roots” program. Thanks Wellness for the pizza and thanks everyone who joined in!