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bringing services and support for those who are ill and education for mental health to all on Block Island

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Moving on Fall 2016

It seems a while since posting – so this is a quick update as we move on through the fall in 2016. The Roots program has taken place with Grade 6, there has been a Halloween teen dance.

I just found a podcast about poetry and addiction – share if. you like it. It is on the Poetry Foundation website, here.

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Wellness is delighted to announce that we had really good candidates for the post of Activities Coordinator. Every one of them would have been a plus for the coalition. We had to choose, and Jill did sums with the budget, and so we have not just one new person, but two.

Melissa Conant, Missy, will be the Activities Coordinator. You will soon


Missy Conant

hear from her. She will work with Jill, our Coordinator of all the Wellness Coalition plans, as needed.

Kathy Mulshine will be the Wellness Aide, who will assist them both with planning and organizing, and also with the networking and coalition building needed for co-operation with key stakeholders in the community.

We are really looking forward to this.KathyMulshine

While we broaden the Coalition, we are now able to engage more with others on island that we have already worked with and co-operate to fill gaps in what is provided. Do make contact if you have ideas for our working together.


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