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advocating for services and support for those who are ill and education for mental health to all on Block Island

Be Well Block Island

Below is the original front page of BI Wellness Coalition, here for interest, and because I like history. BI Wellness Coalition is now part of NAMI BI see here.

Or, you can also link to the facebook page.


Block Island Wellness Coalition is a community group that works to bring wholesome connections, experiences and substance abuse education to strengthen wellness and positive living in our community. [see the blog reports or look at/contribute to our Facebook Page.]

Find out what we do, join in, offer your own thoughts, talents and experience. Raise awareness – have you seen our postcards around the island? We may be able to offer you grant support if your plan is in tune with our aims.

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You are invited to contact any of us with thoughts, comments and information.  Jill Seppa is the Wellness Coalition Coordinator and Grant Supervisor, Kathy Mulshine is Assistant Grant Supervisor


Elspeth Crawford looks after the website and will pass on your queries. She would also appreciate comments or contributions for the site (photos especially!)


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  1. Elspeth, this is dynamite!!!!!! well thought out & so many connections(links). thank you again for doing this


  2. Thanks for showing me this Elspeth.

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