Mental Health, Mental Illness, on Block Island

advocating for services and support for those who are ill and education for mental health to all on Block Island

Community Friends

Community Friends support the aim of the Wellness Coalition and help out in a variety of ways, at levels of commitment that suit them. They are volunteers on a roster of names that enables the coordinator with planning activities. Some may represent some specific sector in the community [such as the Town or the School or any other], some are individuals.

For example, as much work is done with young people, transport may be needed, chaperones may be needed, provision of food, etc. [Vetting is appropriate for the involvement undertaken, as is reimbursement for necessary expense.] The time spent could be as little as one afternoon in the school year, or on a few occasions each term.

The coalition is in the happy position of being able to expand its programs. There are also a greater number of students in upcoming school grades than there have been previously. We are interested in working with people of all ages.

The coalition hopes that many more people will make contact and add their names to the volunteer roster. If you look at “Events and Programs”, you might say say what you think you could contribute, when you are available, etc. We are interested in new ideas as well as extra help with tried and tested activities.

Those who represent some specific sector in the community can bring knowledge, talent and skills from their group or organization to the coalition, and we in turn can tell them about what we do, to widen awareness and help the work of each. They can be be a Director if they so choose, or, can simply stay in touch and attend meetings when the agenda is of interest to the sector they represent. As well as departments and services in The Town of New Shoreham (the municipality that encompasses Block Island) there are at least 30 non-profit organizations here. We know that every one contributes to our community, benefits our community. We would like to work together with others.

[See community links to organizations on Block Island, who support the aims and activities of the Wellness Coalition. If we have left your group out and you would like to be included, let us know].