Mental Health, Mental Illness, on Block Island

advocating for services and support for those who are ill and education for mental health to all on Block Island

Agenda/ Minutes File July 2021 – Jun 2022

 The agenda and minutes are added here to keep a record available that is separate from the personal computer of the Secretary. A link to this file is added to the Annual report in each year.
The previous year 20/21 can be found here.


NAMI BI Annual General Meeting, June 8th 2021.
Present: Jim Hinthorn, Kristin Baumann, Jill Seppa, Alison Warfel, Pat Tengwall, Will Young, Elspeth Crawford, Beth Tengwall, Socha Cohen
In Attendance: Bill Penn, Shannon Morgan, Corrie Heinz, Chris Crawford. This was an in-person meeting held at Island Free Library, Shannon Morgan and Elspeth Crawford attending through Zoom.
Following the June Board meeting, JH opened the Annual General Meeting at 9:47am, and read the Mission statement: NAMI Block Island is a nonprofit organization whose purposes are to advocate for mental health services being brought to the island, to enable education about mental illness and wellness in the community and to join others in supporting the families of persons with mental illness.
President’s Report: Jim Hinthorn as outgoing president said that he had worked with NAMI BI since its inception in 2010 when Steve Holloway formed the group then called the Mental Health Task Force. He had become president three years ago when Steve left the island, and now, following nomination Will Young will take NAMI BI to the next stage. There is much more that can and should be done.
Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was submitted by Pat Tengwall, and accepted.
Nomination of Board of Directors:
From the Bylaws, the Board should have a minimum of 5 not to exceed 15 members who hold current membership in NAMI National. Members Resigning were Beth Tengwall, Socha Cohen, and Jim Hinthorn. New Members Nominated are Corrie Heinz, Shannon Morgan, and William (Bill) Penn
Nomination of Officers for 2021/2022
• Will Young – President
• Kristin Baumann – Vice President
• Bill Penn – Treasurer
• Elspeth Crawford – Secretary

JH asked if these nominations could be considered as a single vote, and there were no objections. Then all the nominations were proposed, seconded and passed unanimously.

JH and PT are the present signatories at the Bank for checks etc. It was agreed that Will Young and Bill Penn would replace them as signatories.

The new Board of Directors elected is:
Will Young – President
Kristin Baumann – Vice President
Bill Penn – Treasurer
Elspeth Crawford – Secretary
Members – Gloria Redlich, Pat Tengwall, Jill Seppa, Alison Warfel, Shannon Morgan, Corrie Heinz.

Will Young, as new president offered thanks to JH, as did Kristin Baumann.
The Date of the next Board Meeting was confirmed, July 13th 2021, 8.30 am, on Zoom. The meeting adjourned at 10.05 am.

Submitted 14th June 2021, Elspeth Crawford