Mental Health, Mental Illness, on Block Island

advocating for services and support for those who are ill and education for mental health to all on Block Island

Financial Matters

Previously, and up to 2015/6, The Wellness Coalition was established through Grant from the Federal Government and managed by the State of Rhode Island via the Rhode Island Substance Abuse Prevention Act or RISAPA.

The RISAPA grant pays for two (part-time) employees, and provides some help to program funding.

In 2016, the management of Substance Abuse Prevention throughout Rhode Island changed so that local groups are merged in a different way, in a Regional Task Forces redesign for the South County Region. Some details can be found on This makes a difference in the process, but not in our by-laws or work within the Block Island Community.


In 2014, following the Needs Assessment and  substantial additional planning, The Coalition received a secondary grant: The Rhode Island Partnership for Success grant [PFS]. By acceptance, we have become accountable for implementing further plans. We engaged in coalition building, and have proceeded with implementation. This substantial funding has allowed specific expansions to our activities.